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sick June 7, 2008

Posted by gaiaagul in Bad, Happy, Uncategorized.


was feeling very lethagic for the past few daes..

very cold in office

stress over ability to learn more and fast

thanks to very good senior..guidance…




i still fell sick..



went ttsh..




draw blood..







head very pain..pale..

stay in for 3 hours..

waited for blood test…












cough…flu…nose block…whole package…









thanks fortaking of mi DEAR!!!




loveu !!



1. manfred - June 8, 2008

omg zhihao…u feeling better now or nots?

2. gaiaagul - June 8, 2008

thanks manfred!! i am still recovering = )
very weak…
had blood test..normal..i guess i am just exhausted due to THInking too much le..as usual lo… i stress myself too much..

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