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Sick at home April 27, 2008

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spend sat and sun at home… play maple…rest….so far the worst sickness i have in 2008… hate it..

anw.. iamfeeling better..

lots of pp at my house todae…cousin and dear pei mi ! so happy!

maple till 3am…Zzzzzzzzzzzz

sick stil play..but i am bored.. and i need games to recover fast too..lol





i hate working at ***










how i wish this 2 yrs can just passsssss fast..but then … idont wan….













SICK April 26, 2008

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i am sick….

went ttsh.

doctor measured my blood pressure.. high…

fast beat… high…ecg…scary..

anw…i gotten 3 days mc and 2 daes light duty..gonna stayhome and rest well le…








and …





 cant wait to start office work…







i wanna earn $ …learn and grow..


POC April 19, 2008

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finally poc from CG yesterday!!!




happy life April 14, 2008

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i enjoy my every moment with u !!!

i am so happy…going to pass out soon! yeah!!!!

new job again.. hope will be ok …

nv be step by pp again.. hopefully!

be strong!!

i feel good!





i love u!

0318 April 8, 2008

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yesterday 07 had fire fighting. i cant go due to some medical reasons. thus have to stay back in camp and help out random officers. i enjoy the helping out though. it was fulfilling. i love doing things!!

decided to take my first ever 1 day leave for today and stay back home. currenlty left with 12.5. reached home at 6.30pm and went out to eat. went mustafa and shop shop. it was fun..

came home at around 9.30pm. shag!

talk.play.laugh. = )

i miss the fun.

i must say things arent the same as before after realising things. but i still love same. =)

right now alone at home. blogging. reading paper. preparing myself to enter boredom again….

i dread going back to that place.. full of …

what can i say?

i must be strong and stay out of the messy life.


i still cant get used to it… the outside world..full of fakeness..sacartism…

leave me alone…take me home..




i love being with u .

i love the tot of u .

i love yr feel .

i love the way u were .





i really miss u a lot…





i will always be looking after u …





trust me.







Home April 4, 2008

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been a hell ride of roller coaster…going up and down..

i still love the ups

i dont want it to happen again!

i love now!

more than ever!