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American’s next top model cycle9 episode11 videos December 1, 2007

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this week. i can say is the most saddening elimination ever. after lisa’s departure. the used to be top3 girls is falling down…

lisa, jenah and heatherused to be the top of the pack. consistently taking strong pictures. however, once they reached china. they are in the bottom pack. jenah, heather and lisa were in the bottom 3 in the first week they were in china. lisa were eliminated. then, jenah and heather were in the bottom 2 the 2nd week, with heather being elimianted. now left with the final 4. jenah, bianca, chantal and saleisha. i seriously dont understand how bianca can stay so long in the competition.

i seriously dont agree with a black to win this competition this season. i feel a blonde should win again. either jenah or chantal. but then chantal is obviously weaker than jenah and jenah is weaker than chantal in terms of walking. saleisha is just a cute girl. while bianca. i think tyra pity her alot. whatever.

this is my ranking for the final 4 for next week ( hope my prediction will come true)

1) Jenah

2) Saleisha

3) Chantal

4) Bianca

here are the videos!








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