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Life’s an inspiration November 25, 2007

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it’s sunday afternoon. The day of booking in for all the army boys.. The day of feeling emotional for some of them..including me.. The day of reflecting what went wrong for the past weeks and what to do to improve for the coming ones…

i came across my bud’s blog while blog hopping… upon reading his blog entries made me realise how much i’ve forgotten about the happy times we used to have.. i admit i tend to forget about things people do.. the care and concern.. the wild outings.. it’s not what i can control.. i guess it’s all because of …..

 i miss  (most) my band friends. they are the one whom i have most of my happiest and craziest times with.. not forgetting my school friends too…

yeesin..qiongqiao..guizhi..shuping..ceyao..juliana..the 3 little sisters (yiangshan,agnes and peggy)…

without them.. i guess i would not have that little bit in improving my attitude in life.. (thnx to mum n dad too=))

looking back.. i used to be very very very emotional and sensitive. i will get upset over small things. get worked up over tiny little things and most importantly.. i tend to ruin mine and of cause my friends whole day out because of that.. something true huh…

im glad that’s all in the past..

people go through puperty(n experiences in life).. so do i.. i grow from it …


it’s all our mind.. whether to listen to advice or not.. able to differentiate right or wrong.

i hope i can continue to improve..

right now.. im just worrying about pomy life ..

here i go againn…..


Win November 24, 2007

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i had a recurring dream days ago. plus flashes of images appearing in front of me. a seires of them…

the number 2018.8102.8012….

i went to buy this number today. was unsure of what to buy actually. so i bought i-bet.

just trying my luck. $1 only.

i won!


anw…other than the highlight of the day. i spent most of my time sleeping and trying to update myself as usual. went out with sis to shop at our house nearby. tried to shop as much as i could. lol….


nothing much…

i hope everything will be ok. please!

American’s next top model cycle9 episode10 videos November 24, 2007

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here u go.






ECP November 24, 2007

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went out with army frenz. had lots of fun i guess. enjoyed the company somehw. i felt great. not as sick as before. i love the sea. just the smell of the breeze at nght makes me high.

ate quite alot of spicy food. then went to watch them play pool. then me and akion went to play bowling.

on the way home. this weird uncle keep talking…blabla.. n i also answered him… lol… sianz..

reached home…sleepy….


lots of info missing out..im so lazy to type…keke

i enjoyed la!!!!!!!!!

feeling down and really down November 18, 2007

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the time of the month has come for me…

i am feeling so so so so down…

i hopei  will be having a great week ahead…plz dont spoil my week…

hoping to pass…if not …added downess!

Blank November 18, 2007

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slept at 4am last nite. woke up at 5.30am to go shh shh… then suddenly felt so sianz….went back to sleep with my 93.3….. slept at mummy’s room. on the floor…very cooling…shiok!

woke up after src called…i didnt pick up.. dont know why they call also..sianz….talk to lena jie on msn for a while before heading back to sleep….

 time…plz stop for a while!!


i cant imagine myself back to that place again…a place where i have no frenz?

 i dont know…

curry fish head November 17, 2007

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mummy cook curry fish head today!

super yummy!!!!!!

feeling heaty now…got to recover fast!

today spent my day slacking at home. got to revise bit later also.

i hope it gets into my head la….sianz…

American’s next top model cycle9 episode9 videos November 17, 2007

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5 parts!











Out to enjoy November 17, 2007

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i finally went out with afren. i am trying hard to open myself up. to people around me. after closing up for so many years. . . .

it is quite hard. as i have hardly any topics to talk on. but i am glad at least i put in my best effort to make a start to be a happy person.


i am starting to love late nite shopping and talk with frenz!

shuping and yeesin jie! lets go out again soon! =)

The innerself is coming out November 16, 2007

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i am not talking much about myself.

but ive let some people know more about myself.

i have 2 sides of me.

fun and wild, boring and loner.

i spent 90% of my time being the boring and loner guy.

this week lots of things happened.

i felt disappointed to know more about certain people.

this proves that i am still not good in making frenz.

because i dont even know who is good, who is the one with motives behind every move they make.

well i got to say..

some people earn respect from me. i respect them alot.

i hope it stays this way. i am quite scared to see the good become bad and the bad become badddder.

going out soon…

shall blog when i come back….

i miss mummy~

i miss home ~

i love u ~