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Sick July 31, 2007

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yesterday was down with flu/cold?

took fedac and felt so drowsy the whole day. in the end. felt so heaty at my throat area. worried that i might get sorethroat, took lots of leftose (over exaggerated) and rested for quite some time. woke up again this morning, felt worst. throat pain. then saw auntie jie’s message that Chantik never come work due to stomach pain ( reasons not too sure).  wanted to go work but i felt asleep till 10am. woke up and got ready for work. reached work, felt so tired and sick. no mood to talk that much. watch 2 fatties talk and i participate a bit. tried to laugh. but feel so sianz. felt so nausea, wanted to eat fish head curry ( curry only for me) with them but i really wanted to vomit. also was quite pissed at blablabla’s comments. i was being too sensitive and sick. so i over reacted. well. excuse again. i was really sick then. now i am getting better after take propollis lollipop. thanks to blablabla also. else i dont know that it really does help sorethroat. hoping for the best.

tomorrow is stock take day. meow will not be coming though i not sure what/why she needs to come. heckcare. i will do my stuff and keep quiet ( try to ) unless i cant help it and start to disturb people. till auntie jie scold me. then i stop and perhaps cry. and perhaps go home and perhaps, box her!


i hope my throat will get better la! after june 11 incident. i dare not dont take care le. that experience almost made me ‘die’ and lose my job. had to cancel so many slots. sad….

i am so stressed that i hope my hair dont drop and i am still cute and lovely. ( BHB)

i enjoy working with the ‘aunties’ at unity. they are so lovely and i learnt alot ( bad and good )

from them

SHOCK ME TO DEATH ( with hands placing tightly on my chest)


i am just so irrtitating at work.

hope they will grow to ‘love'(to kill) me more when i disturb them more 

god bless!

and peace!

get well soon!

xiao bai get well soon!


Campus superstar2 semi final 3 preview July 31, 2007

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the contestants (THE FINAL 8)  will be singing and dancing their way to the final 6!

one step closer to the GRAND final!

Campus superstar2 semi final 2 results July 30, 2007

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11.45pm –> currently zijie and macus have both advanced to the top 4 male .

guo hao, shawn and benjamin as ‘thought’ by me are currently in the danger zone.

who will prevail? who will be sent home?

11.50pm–>SHAWN is saved ! YEAH!

only 2 remains

who will make it to the final 4 and who will be sent home. 50-50 chance!

getting down to the wire!

Benjamin vs Guo hao!

omg! i am praying that Ben will get in. i am so nervous and worried for him!

12am–> Guo hao is sent home! FINALLY!!!

Campus superstar2 Semi final 2 July 30, 2007

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tonigt is the guys turn. this is what the competition is all about. the guys will win again this year.

stronger competition from benjamin hum a.k.a dark horse. Shawn the cutie pie and strong vocal. macus the ‘whole package’, zijie the ever surprising vocal and guohao ‘ the popular’.


M1 Ngeow Zijie 饶梓杰 林宇中 – 主题曲 (原点 片尾曲)
M2 Benjamin Hum 范平庚 洪俊杨 – Guardian Angel (天。。。使我爱你 主题曲)
M3 He Guohao 许国豪 林俊杰 – 大男人小女孩 (手足I 片尾曲)
M4 Shawn Tok 卓轩正 欧得洋 – 满天星 (有福 片尾曲)
M5 Marcus Lee 李俊纬 五月天 – 知足 (拥抱明天 主题曲)

who will be out. tune in channel u 8pm. results by 12am

Random July 30, 2007

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i didnt realise i have had 2 days without any posts for my blog.

wow. time past really fast. 2 days in a row.

bro called back. he is doing fine.

today is my only off day. i hate tofeel sick during off day.

i got to recover fast.

hope everyone dont fall sick!

1 down July 27, 2007

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brother went in le.

left me. and my happy friends.

i am still sad though. it takes quite a while for me to settle down.

miss the fun!

more fun missed.

got to make it happen soon.

Bitch July 27, 2007

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this entry is only for one girl in the whole world

this word bitch only refer to her and only SHE suits it. no one else can be termed bitch.

nothin more to say. her life will have a major turn.

1 more day July 26, 2007

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soon. all will go. all will have to go.

bro said i am being too emo.

i know i am.

but i just felt lonely . lost. just so sudden.

my msn nick describe my true feelings exactly.

will spent that few hours working just to earn extra money or spent that few hours being with your love ones ?

i choose my love ones.

i miss alot of people.

it took me quite sometime before i could regained myself. my normal self.

my first time sleeping in the living room. i wanted big space.  i dont want to sleep in that tiny room. which could makes me think quite a lot.

being surrounded by 4 walls and ceiling.

i cant help but keep thinking about the happy times.mostly.

i missed it.

all of them

i miss my brother. ( you know who you are)

my mum–> pauline

huishan.huitzy. xueting. my band friends and most poly friends that i have known. anyone.

no one is bad afterall.

we are different. that makes us having lots of topics to talk every now and then. quarrel everynow and then.or else. life would be so boring and meaningless.

i miss my work friends too.

lena.haslinda.sofia.keli.joe.elizabeth.alice.kiahheng.david.huekian.patricia.and all from other outlet.

i am not going in yet.

but i just wanna write it out. as i am prone to forgetting my true feelings.

scary isnt it.

i am forgetful.

i love u all

ANTM all time favourites photos July 25, 2007

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Mollie sue



A.J Stewart





Samantha francis


April wilkner



Shandi Sullivan



Amanda Swafford


Kahlen Rondot


ANTM past winners photos July 25, 2007

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Eva pigford


Adrianne Curry


Jaselene Gonzalez


Nicole linkletter