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Canadian Next top model episode 1 May 31, 2007

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as promised with the help from a lot of sources.

present to you.

Cycle 2 of Canada’s next top model

this is the episode recap. i will put up videos or photos if possible =)

The Girls Meet Jay

Original Airdate: May 30, 2007
  • Bottom two: Mika & Steff
  • Eliminated: Mika
  • Featured photographer: Paul Alexander
  • Special guests: Paul Alexander

All right guys, it’s the moment I’ve been waiting for all day, the premiere of Canada’s Next Top Model: Cycle 2. I’m hoping that this season will produce a great winner who will make a name for herself. Let’s get on with the show.

We start off with the boring introduction of the host, who of course is Jay Manuel, creative director throughout the successful run of America’s Next Top Model. He has worked with people like J. Lo, David Bowie, and of course, Tyra Banks. In voiceover, we are told that “he understands what makes a model”, which hopefully means the best girl will win.

This season is being filmed in the lovely T-Dot, Toronto, for those who don’t live there. We see ten ladies get out of two cars and enter the CHUM building. Jay comes out and tells them that we went through thousands and thousands of applications. He’s so proud of Canada and says it was hard to choose. He asks the ladies who their biggest competition was, and I believe most people pointed out Steff. He then reveals quite a shocker: ten more girls are there and they’ll be whittled down to ten. Gina tells us that it’s competition time.

I’m not going to go too in-depth with the ladies who we know don’t make it, because there’s no point of even introducing them if they’re only there for 10 minutes. Jay brings out Nole Marin, you might remember him as a judge in the earlier seasons of ANTM, and Stacey Mackenzie, who served as a judge during CNTM’s first season. I was surprised to see her back since she isn’t listed as a judge. He tells the 20 ladies that they’re going to have to tell the judges why they want to be in the competition. We catch a glimpse of Tara and, shocker of the night, her hair doesn’t look like an electrocuted poodle! Thank goodness!

Mika’s attitude will cost her.We enter the judging room and the first finalist we see is Cori. She tells us a sap story of how her boyfriend died in a car accident, then her dog died, then he grandmother died. I do feel bad for her, really, but this isn’t the place. Jacqueline goes in and she looks great, she thinks it went well. Rebecca loves fashion.

Now, Steff comes in. Steff is ranked #10 on my scoreboard this week. She tells the judges that she has been doing volunteer modeling since she was 8. She explains that this is like a fashion show in the mall and they ask you if you’d like to volunteer. Jay tells her to just call it modeling, since it sounds like she was working for the Red Cross. Tara comes in and tells the judges that she can dance.

Tia comes in and says she loves fashion and photography. She’s asked who her favourite photographer is and she pulls a major blank. She first says “I don’t know”, which I hope was just a slip of the tongue, but she pulls herself together and says she’s thinking, but still no answer is given. All I can say about Mo is that I love her accent.

Time for the judges to deliberate. Once again, I’ll only be covering our finalists. Mo is called short. Sinead, pronounced Shin-ade, would benefit from a makeover. Steff has an exotic face. They call Jacqueline gorgeous, but not high in fashion. They call Gina a Maxim girl. Once Tara gets a makeover, they say she’ll be ‘so in’. Cori is called a diamond in the rough. Mika exuded a lot of confidence to the judges. Rebecca has a lot of high fashion potential, and Tia is just beautiful.

Jay then goes to tell the girls who is in, and who is out.

The girlies come in and tell Jay they feel good, but most of them sound nervous. Tara is called first, then Steff, Jacqueline, Mo, Cori, Gina, Rebecca, Tia, Sinead, and finally Mika in that order. I’m not sure if this call-out order represents their ‘current placement’ as the photo shoot call-outs do. So there you have it: the top 10!

As they get to the house they’ll be living in, Cori tells us that she thought it was gorgeous. And it was. The only problem was that Jay Manuel was all over the house. It was kind of scary, actually. There are two rooms for the ladies, a four-bed bedroom and a six-bed bedroom. They scramble to get the good beds, although they all look the same. Little gift packages are on the beds for the ladies. Downstairs, there’s alcohol and pizza for the ladies to have a good time, and so they do. Steff tells us she and Tia are already good buddies and that Mika is feeling crummy.

I was right about Mika: she’s the bitch. She tells us that she doesn’t like sharing the rooms. Her father cut her off from her family. Oh, boo-hoo.

Time for JayMail! Or is it JMail? I dunno…..


Time for JayMail! Or is it JMail? I dunno, but it’s better than the EMail they got on Australia’s Next Top Model while Erykah was the host. Anyway, he asks them a very serious question: why settle for one, when you can have two. So, they’ll be posing with male models. Tara tells us she’s not even going to think about what it means. Rebecca is nervous for the shoot. She says that the JayMail said to bring their best game and nothing else. She thinks it’ll be a nude shot. She thought right.

The girls arrive at Club Schmooze and meet up with an excited Nole Marin. He introduces them to Paul Alexander, their photographer, and then to their “hot accessories” (his words, not mine): two male models. He then clarifies that they’ll be posing nude. “Nude. Butt naked,” Mo tells us. Thanks for that great definition, Mo. Steff lets us know that she’s nervous.

Cori is first up and they said while she did get a shot, 75% of the time she didn’t have it. Somebody looked like a young Nicole Kidman. Sorry, I didn’t catch that; they really need to put names up for us the first few weeks. Gina was falling out of her top. Tara, “miss mop top”, looks like a completely different person. Rebecca needs training. Tia needs to show more confidence. Sinead was shaking, but did well. Mo didn’t seem to know what she was doing. Nole hopes she got a good shot, though.

When they get home, the girls are making dinner. Well, everybody but Mika. She just lies there, comes to dinner, stuffs her face, and leaves. Mika says she wants to stay on her own and doesn’t care what the girls think. She just wants to beat them giving their A-game.

Tia tells us that she and Tara won’t get along. Cori points out that Tara is the biggest competition right now.

Another JayMail! He tells them that he has bad news, they’ll be going to panel. He advises them to put their best selves forward. Mika thinks she’s the frontrunner of the competition, but Gina doesn’t think people are taking it seriously and that panel will make it sink in that it is a competition.

They enter the very sleek judging room, probably in the CHUM building, and Jay announces the prizes: a contract with Sutherland Models, an editorial spread in Fashion Magazine, and a 100 thousand dollar contract with P/G Beauty. Our judges this week are Paul Alexander, their photographer, Yasmine Warsame, and the lovely Jeannie Beker. At this time my mom left the room, as she was watching it with me. She’s not a Jeanne fan.

For the individual evaluations, Tia is called first. Her photo looks nice. Jay says it’s a strong fashion shot, and Jeannie asks who has never done anything like that… for camera, pointing out the sultriness of the photo. Cori says she felt chemistry with the male model and turns red. Paul asks if they traded numbers, but they didn’t. They ask how tall she is, she says 5’8″, and they point out the photo made her look taller. Tara looks very different in person and in the photo. She exudes confidence and Yasmine says that she’s very aware of her body.

Jacqueline’s photo also looks amazing. Very seductive. They just tell her that the bottom looks heavy. I didn’t see any problems with her legs. Jeannie says Mika is edgy, and Jay says her chin is too low in the photo and that it looks pornographic. Mo’s photo has her with a big smile in it. A big, big no-no. However, I thought it could work. I guess you could say it’s empowering to woman? But Paul says she didn’t follow direction. Sinead is told she didn’t know how to move. Gina’s picture has a big booty, but the guy is what the eye is drawn to because of her posing, her shoulder up too high, even after she was asked to show more neck. Rebecca looks literally animated and awkward.

Last up is Steff. When her photo comes up, there is absolute silence, until Jeannie lets out an agonizing scream. It’s a bad photo. Jay says she could pass for a man in drag. At this point, I decided Steff was going home. That’s my prediction.

The girls are sent out and the judges deliberate. Jeannie says they all have potential. I don’t like that somebody goes in the first week of photos, it could have just been a fluke that they did bad this week. They wonder about Tia’s body shape, saying she has wide hips. They worry about Tara’s height and body look. She looks manly. Cori could be a good model but she needs time, like a year or two. Mo looked uncomfortable. Sinead had a classic but still edgy look. Jacqueline is glamorous but thick legs. Gina would really benefit from a makeover. Rebecca needs to work on her body, and Steff was the biggest disappointment this week.

Alright, time for the call-out. There are nine photos in Jay’s hands, meaning one of the ten ladies will be going home. They are called out in this order: Cori, Tara, Rebecca, Jacqueline, Tia, Sinead, Mo, and Gina. This means that Steff and Mika are in the bottom two. I like Steff more than I expected to, but I wanted her to go home for pride purposes. Mika annoyed the hell out of me.

Steff’s name is called. Mika is the first girl cut. I’m not surprised, but she took a good photo this week. Her attitude was her downfalls.

finished =)

will edit again soon =)

plus photos


People May 31, 2007

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4)attitude problem

this are the 4 types i dislike most.

i see 1 in at least one workplace.

will discuss more later on

2nd time May 31, 2007

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first time saturday before stock take on april fool

second time today.

lady luck!


tired May 30, 2007

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i am happy .

i love the dog.

i dont seem to bother about alot of things

i am still happy


Xiao bai May 30, 2007

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stomach cramp.


very pain

still have to work. i wish to rest more

i miss xiao bai

cute doggy!

i love the way he sleep

so kawaii!

he is the cutest small thing i ever seen

Feelings on the pagent May 29, 2007

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after watching it. i find it kind of messy. the swimsuit round. the choreographer actually has to give cue to miss india. and the walking for most of the girls are so messy.

even the host, both of them were so messy and boring.

i miss billy bush.

anyway, hope the next year’s pagent will be better. =)

and hopefully singapore make the cut.


on the evening gown,

brazil. no wonder she won the top model of the year.

india look boring and safe.

japan, i see bit of kurara in her. her attitude is great. she look very fierce.

angola, she is the best angola we have ever seen. black beauty

venezuela. she look nice and weird too.’

usa. omg! her fall, luckily she regained very fast. the other girls cheered for her =) i love her too

korea. she is the best! she should win ! she really is the best korean i ever seen

tanzania. she remind me of america next top model nenna. she is beautiful and confident

nicaragua. i personally feel she should not be in the top 15 at all.

mexico. host advantage. she deserve to make it too. not as beautiful and special as last year’s entry.

of the evening gown competition, i personally like korea, usa, brazil, japan and tanzania.

Miss Universe 2007 videos May 29, 2007

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here are the videos in parts

top 15


top 10


Winners announcement


Miss Usa’s fall May 29, 2007

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luckily it never ruined her chance of getting through to the next round

she is still great

but falling in front of mexicans

hmm..i think the mexicans might be happy to see usa fall?

Miss Universe reviews May 29, 2007

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Japan’s Mori wins troubled Miss Universe contest

Miss Japan, Riyo Mori, was crowned Miss Universe 2007 on Monday in a contest marked by protests, a banned dress and the withdrawal of one beauty queen on the ground the pageant degrades women.

Mori, 20, the 56th winner of the title, was given her $250,000 diamond-and-pearl crown by last year’s winner, Zuleyka Rivera of Puerto Rico, watched by a live audience of 10,000 and some 600 million television viewers worldwide.

A lifelong ballet dancer from a village near Mount Fuji, Mori wore a striking black gown with colored lapels for the final. Winning surpassed the ambition of her grandmother, who told her as a child she wanted her to be Miss Japan one day.

“My mind went blank,” she said of the winning moment.

During the evening gown parade, Miss USA, Rachel Smith, slipped on the runway and landed on her bottom, although the slip didn’t stop her earning fifth place.

This year’s contest was marked by controversy, with a handful of Mexicans booing Smith in the run-up to the finals because of what they saw as U.S. unfriendliness toward illegal immigrants.

Miss Sweden, Isabel Lestapier Winqvist, unexpectedly pulled out of the event because of complaints in her country that it degrades women. Sweden has won the Miss Universe crown three times in the past.

In another hitch, Miss Mexico was made to change her outfit for the regional dress contest after her original dress, decorated with brutal images of rebels in a 1920s religious uprising being hanged or shot, drew accusations of poor taste.


The annual Miss Universe pageant — which tries to present itself as something more meaningful than a swimwear parade — was first held in Long Beach, California, in 1952. The event was taken over in 1996 by U.S. real estate mogul Donald Trump.

This year, it attracted protesters wearing white dresses splashed with fake blood and sashes proclaiming “Miss Juarez,” “Miss Atenco” and “Miss Michoacan” in reference to places in Mexico made infamous by killings or sexual abuse of women.

In another quirk for 2007, the long, twisted dreadlocks of Miss Jamaica, the contest’s first ever Rastafarian participant, and the close-shaved head of Miss Tanzania stood out from the lacquered manes of the other contestants.

Last year’s Miss Universe event in Los Angeles also made its mark when winner Rivera caused gasps by slumping to the ground in a faint during a post-pageant news conference.

As well as strutting in cocktail dresses and bikinis, the 77 contestants from nations ranging from Albania to Zambia traveled in Mexico in the lead-up to the event, visiting Mayan ruins and learning about endangered animals.

They also had to answer questions to put their personalities and public speaking ability to the test.

This was the fourth time the pageant was held in Mexico, which in 1991 won the crown with beauty queen Lupita Jones.

Mori — the second Japanese woman to win the Miss Universe title — will spend her year-long reign traveling the world to speak out on humanitarian issues like poverty and disease.

Miss Universe is Japan May 29, 2007

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finally, asian countries really shine through in this year’s edition of miss universe.

4 asians countries, namely india, japan, korea and thailand make it to the top 15.

2 special awards, miss congeniality goes to china and photogenic goes to philippine again!

well-done asian girls!

korea placed 3rd runner up. honey lee is the best korean delegate thus far. this years asian girls represented well in the pagent and despite the strong latin advantage. both korea and japan still managed to penetrate into the top 5

this year’s stage is also one of my favourite though it bear some resemblance to the victoria secret show.

more reviews coming up =)

hopefully photos too and videos!

watch for the space =)