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Protected: Pretend April 30, 2007

Posted by gaiaagul in Bad.
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Quite ok April 29, 2007

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very tired!!

i am so tired!!

today work with sofia and alvin. i keep saying i am so sleepy.

today 6k

huekian locum. pretty mummy .

tested me migraine prescription. at the back of my mind. she said close to my heart. how could i forget. i knew it at the back of my mind. but i keep saying the minor things.

tramadol,metoclopromide,zolmitriptan.amitriptyline. patient drug allergy to panadol and nsaids. that is why tramadol given. this is the only thing that i noticed.

i keep saying metoclopromide for parkinson. actually should be domperidone for parkinson cause it wil not cross blood brain barrier and being an dopamine antagonist there.so it is for anti-emetic.

tramadol. subsitube for pain.

zolmitriptan. to treat migraine.

amitriptyline. also to so call prevent migraine.

i like the way huekian test me. but i always screw up. i admited to her i never study much after attachment. actually i did. but i start from the basic. means the rest i have not come across.

how i wish huekian can come back hlc? keli and fu yeong also good. all good


rest more.

saw qiong qiao,hanting and jinglin today.so happy.


i am glad.

finally April 28, 2007

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finally i slept. had lots of weird dreams.

happy,scary and sad.

today sales hit 8k.

pauline came. going to work at TTSH. very happy for her.

tomorrow working with alvin.huekian and sofia.

hope things go smoothly.

happy to see daddy come pick me(i called him to). i hope he will be ok.

next friday david leaving.quite sad?he is great to work with.not a very arrogant pharmacist.

i need to change somethings.

hope it will get better.

i know my blog is very boring.

but i am writing my everyday life.

this is my life

i am actually very happy and contented.

are you?

4th day April 27, 2007

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already 4 days in a row. finally i couldnt take it anymore.

my body felt so weird and goin to crash anytime.

so i took it..

after last 1 week and 3 days.

i hate taking it.

i am in control of my life

took half before work and slept for 3 hours. the best sleep i ever had with thunder and rain

took another half at work. cause the pizza joe’s secret admirer gave make me very sick and crazy.

now i am quite ok after letting out some things.

happy! and tired

big big big boss (male)leaving…sad

left big big big boss  (female),big big boss  and big boss (1,2,3) plus me the boss


3rd day April 26, 2007

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3rd day in a row didnt sleep well.

super tired.=(

had a pA last night.whilei was preparing to sleep. Guess i am really…tired!

 Bought a new phone (NS portal promotion) SE j230i . A ‘better’ phone. Affordable i guess, though my bank $ did drop.

no camera or video taking. To me is more than enough. 

America next top model–> this week is a recap episode featuring a fight between dionne and renee from the past episode(they are already in good terms as of episode9)

American idol–> ‘charity’ theme. performance by gwen stefani, kelly clarkson, earth wind and fire, and many more with special guest performance by Elvis and celine dione!

Due to the charity theme, no one was eliminated.

i thought this make sense as most people might be busying calling in to donate rather than vote for their favourites. So AI should not eliminate anyone which i kind of like it.

But towards the end of the show, almost got a shock as chris and jordin was named the ‘final 2’ and when chris was pronouned ‘save’, i thought this might be the biggest shock of any idol history other than in the past season when fantasia,latoya and jennifer hudson was in the bottom3.

luckily, it didnt happened.

normal mood today,except while i was out, crazy tired mode due to sleepless tired night.

Secrets April 25, 2007

Posted by gaiaagul in sleepless night.


Again, i never sleep till now..10plus!!

well sooner or later, i will just “faint”

i am really naive i guess so. sometimes i think a close friend is really close.but in the end. lots of things are not said..and so on..

i love my life. it is so different.

wanna be my friend?

email me at justingaiaagul@gmail.com

waiting for you!

Protected: Pay April 25, 2007

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Top model Review April 24, 2007

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i shall dedicate this post(blog) to tyra’s antm too.

i am a die hard fan of this show i should say

from now, if i can, i shall update anything on ANTM

i shall start with the past few episode review as of episode 9!


you can also watch the almost all the episodes on youtube or cwtv.com

good advertising? =)

The Girl Who Won’t Stop Talking

Original Airdate: February 28, 2007

There are a lot of girls at first, then there are 33 sent to Los Angeles. They are immediately thrown into model boot camp. They meet Jay Manuel and J. Alexander who test them with a quick photoshoot and a quiz on fashion-related knowledge. Later that day, they meet Tyra.

After the boot camp, the pool of girls is pared down to twenty contestants in the casting process. At a party hosted by Marc Ecko, the contestants each have their pictures taken, and the final thirteen girls are chosen based on these photos.

The next day, the contestants again meet Jay Manuel, and will be representing a controversial political issue, including abortion rights, same-sex marriage, and gun control.

For the week’s reward challenge, the girls are taken to a Goodwill thrift shop where they are given three minutes to put together an outfit which reflects their personal style. After a runway show featuring their outfits, each girl’s outfit is auctioned off to raise money for Goodwill. Jael’s outfit receives the highest bid, and no one knows why. Her reward is to sign her name on the ceremonial check given to the charity for the vocationally challenged.

At panel, the judges feel that Jael and Kathleen both failed to commit during their photoshoots, and they end up in the bottom two. The judges criticize Jael for her apparent fear of success, but decide that she has more potential than Kathleen and the latter is eliminated.

[edit] The Girls Go To Prom

Original Airdate: March 7, 2007

The girls are greeted by J. Alexander and a marching band at a high school, before they are divided into teams and taught a runway walking routine based on timing and precision. After the rehearsal, they meet fashion show producer Roy Campbell, who introduced them to their challenge – a prom fashion show consisting of three categories, namely modern contemporary, the 80s prom and ghetto fabulous. Brittany wins the runway challenge and receives her own personalized runway trophy.

The next day, the girls return to high school, where Jay Manuel assigned each of them a different high school cliché. While most girls excelled, Natasha and Samantha struggled to fit their characters, and they consequently land in the bottom two. Natasha is criticized for her inability to transfer her beauty into a photograph, while the judges see Samantha as too inexperienced and with no personality. With that, Tyra hands the last photo to Natasha and Samantha is eliminated.

[edit] The Girl Who Cries All The Time

Referring to Brittany

Original Airdate: March 14, 2007

The 11 remaining girls travel to a Beverly Hills salon to receive their makeovers. While most of them are overjoyed with their new looks, some have a much harder time. A lot of pain comes with Brittany’s new weave, and the long weave originally planned for Jael was taken out after 8 hours in the salon. In the end, Jael has most of her hair cut off. Later, Jael receives a devastating phone call, discovering that one of her close friends had passed away.

Later, the girls arrive at their photoshoot where they will be posing nude and decorated as a certain type of candy. A lot of girls make great improvement, but Diana finds it hard to work her plus-size body. At judging, the judges are impressed by most of the girl’s improvement, but are left disappointed with Cassandra’s picture, seeing that she hasn’t stepped up to the plate at all. With that, she lands in the bottom two with Diana. In the end, the judges felt that Cassandra was not able to transfer her inner and outer beauty into a photo and she was sent home.

[edit] The Girl Who Changes Her Attitude

Referring to Renee

Original Airdate: March 21, 2007

To help take her mind off her friend’s death, Felicia teaches Jael a dance, while Renee reflects on her apparent isolation from the other girls and decides to change her attitude for the better, although this change is not received well by all the girls.

Later, they meet posing instructor Benny Ninja, who teaches them the art of “vogueing”, which is exaggerated posing. The next day, they are put to the test when they have to maneuver their way through a laser maze within 2 minutes, all the while being judged on their posing. Renee is the only girl who fails the task, while Whitney wins her first challenge, and her reward – a $40000 bracelet.

For the week’s photoshoot, the girls are posing as crime scene victims. At panel, all the girls receive universal praise for their beautiful pictures, except Felicia, who ends up in the bottom two with Dionne, who the judges do not dress “model” in person. Felicia’s lacklustre picture ultimately sends her home.

  • Bottom two: Dionne Walters & Felicia Provost
  • Eliminated: Felicia Provost
  • Featured photographer: Mike Rosenthal
  • Special guest: Benny Ninja
  • CoverGirl of the Week: Jael Strauss

[edit] The Girl Who Takes Credit

Referring to Sarah

Original Airdate: March 28, 2007

This week, the girls learn all about fashion appeal. They meet up with Elite Model Management director Cathy Gould, who teaches them what not to wear and what outfits were considered “top model” standard. After this, the girls are split into groups of three and put to the test. Their challenge, judged by two fashion mavens, is to assemble their own clothing line and be their own mannequins. At the end, when they are called to pose, Whitney, ignoring Natasha’s reminder, sits on the floor, outside the designated posing platform, and disqualifies herself and her group. They are then told that their group would have won, and Whitney individually, but due to the circumstances, they select Sarah as the next best and she wins her first reward – double the frames for the week’s photoshoot. When Sarah claims all the credit, this angers her groupmates Dionne and Renee, who had helped her pick her outfit.

For the week’s photoshoot, the girls get all excited when they see male models on set, but are surprised when they hear that they are drag queens and would be posing as women, and the girls as men. While Brittany and Jaslene once again impress Jay with their strong shots, the real shock of the day comes from Natasha, who wows everyone on set. Diana and Whitney struggle with their plus-size bodies, and land in the bottom two. The judges feel that Diana has no fire and Whitney just can’t get a good picture, but gives Whitney a chance and Diana is eliminated.

  • Bottom two: Diana Zalewski & Whitney Cunningham
  • Eliminated: Diana Zalewski
  • Featured photographer: Richard Reinsdorf
  • Special guests: Cathy Gould, Deda Coben
  • CoverGirl of the Week: Whitney Cunningham

[edit] The Girl Who Gets Thrown In The Pool

Referring to Jael

Original Airdate: April 4, 2007

The girls meet Twiggy and Cycle 7’s Melrose Bickerstaff, where they are told to assign themselves a nickname which they will be using to introduce themselves at a party attended by many influential people in the industry. There, Jael overly irritates rapper 50 Cent that she is pushed in the pool, with Natasha jumping in after her. Later, the two are embarrassed when they meet Tyra’s manager Benny Medina for an interview.

The week’s photoshoot required the girls to direct their own hair and makeup, and to showcase four sides of their personalities. After the shoot, Dionne, having impressed Benny the most at the party, wins the reward of a spread for Keds in Seventeen Magazine, and invites Jaslene and Whitney with her to the shoot.

The next day, Tyra visits the girls for a chat, where Renee is criticized by all the girls, but Tyra manages to mediate the problem and allows Renee to air her grievances.

At panel, the judges feel that Sarah has yet to step out of her comfort zone, while Whitney once again does not produce a stellar photo, landing both of them in the bottom two. Whitney is given another chance as Sarah’s overly posed photos sends her home.

[edit] The Girl Who Impresses Pedro

Original Airdate: April 11, 2007

The contestants get a crash course in character acting from actress Tia Mowry, and are immediately thrown into an acting challenge with Efren Ramirez, who portrayed Pedro in the film Napoleon Dynamite. Renee is chosen as the best actress and wins her first challenge. She chooses Dionne to share in her prize: a surprise visit from their families. This causes Natasha to have an emotional breakdown because she misses her daughter very badly.

Excitement rises when participants of past cycles show up for a photoshoot that highlights the most scandalous and memorable moments of the series, including Bre’s stolen granola bars, Kim’s limo make-out scene, Joanie’s tooth extraction, Rebecca’s collapse during judging, Michelle’s impetigo, the twins of Cycle 7, and Shannon’s refusal to participate in the first nude photoshoot in ANTM history.

At panel, Dionne and Natasha impress the judges with their improvement, while Jael lands in the bottom two for being too mechanical at the shoot and then failing to express herself eloquently at panel. However, Whitney is eliminated when she is still unable to effectively translate her beauty into photos.

[edit] The Girls Go Down Under

Original Airdate: April 18, 2007

The girls get a crash course in interviewing from Cycle 2 contestant April Wilkner and comedian Gary Riotto, before their international destination is revealed as Sydney, Australia. Upon landing, the girls are immediately tasked to interview the locals on American fashion faux pas, using as much Australian slang as possible. Natasha wins the challenge, winning an opportunity to be a correspondent for the Tyra Banks Show.

This week, instead of a regular photoshoot, the girls do a CoverGirl commercial with an Australian accent. While Renee and Natasha, who is able to mask her strong Russian accent, do well, Brittany struggles to remember her lines. Brittany later defends herself in front of the panel, but she nevertheless lands in the bottom two together with Jael, who had a lackluster take. In the end, the judges valued Brittany’s previous strong photographs and eliminates Jael.

Protected: A hard decision? April 24, 2007

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sleepy head =o April 24, 2007

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2nd day of the week.

Slept at 8am this morning!

Had a wonderful week with my family and bro.

Just woke up not long ago.feeling refresh after the 7hrs sleep. Cancelled job for tomorrow because i didnt want to work until so tired… haha.. shall not reveal too much.

 For the past 2 weeks, thanks to the 3 little pigs ( yiangshan a.k.a no 17 ) ( peggy a.k.a no 15 ) ( agnes a.k.a no 2 ) for visiting me at work. Not forgetting terence too. =) happy and surprised to see them for 2 weeks. love u guys!!

hmm….nothing more to write about.

I just feel so happy and empty now? lol.. mixed feeling.

 Go back to sleep!!!